Smolder on a Slow Burn – Book Review

If you say that Lynda J. Cox is the queen of writing touching romantic stories that tug at your heartstrings and warm your senses, then you are absolutely right. She makes another outstanding debut into the literary world with her novel Smolder on a Slow Burn; the story of an intelligent and independent heroine, striving to be the perfect mate for her honorable, loving yet tortured hero. An incredible love story; described in the most amazing of ways.

The author started her career as a contemporary romance writer twenty years ago and her experience and command on portrayal and language is exemplary and quite evident throughout the fast-paced story; refraining the readers from putting the book down. This interesting novel is made up of characters that readers will eagerly root for, praying for their happy ending.

Smolder on a Slow Burn’s heroine is Allison Webster, who is an avid reader and often dreams of going on thrilling adventures, just like her favorite characters in the books. However, she is far from living a perfect life. Someone is threatening her very life and safety, just because she is trying to educate the children of former slaves. But she still dreams of having a partner, like the heroes in her romance novels; someone who will support her in her perusal for justice.

However, when she is least expecting it, she runs into a former Confederate cavalry officer, A.J. Adams. He is haunted by the harsh treatment of the prisoner camps and spent the last ten years by being called a traitor by his fellow citizens. He has no heart for romance, but Allison is intent on making him realize that he is indeed an honorable hero, while A.J. only wants revenge for the murder of his child and wife, and to free his little brother.

Allison’s entry in his life provides him the perfect opportunity to use her as bait to exact revenge on his enemies. What he doesn’t know is that these are the same men who are trying to kill Allison. A.J. doesn’t want to surrender to love or to those villains, and he will strive to find a balance while fighting at the two battlefronts to win victories; one for love and one for vengeance.

The story’s dramatic storyline makes it perfect to be portrayed on the big screen. The old western background providers a spectacular backdrop for the touching love story, paired with the sizzling romance between the protagonists, allowing the readers to relate to A.J and Allison on a personal level.

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