Kian – Book Review

Kian is a dark mystery, suspenseful, romance novel written by the New York Times best-seller Tijan. The book skirts around Kian Maston, a stud loved by all girls and equally revered among guys.

Kian rescues Jordan from an abusive foster father by killing him. He’s therefore sent to prison and jailed for murder. Jordan on the other hand is forced to go into hiding following a stream of threats she’s been lately receiving. She changes her looks, name and identity, all in an effort to lead a normal, threat-free life.

She lets no one in, save for Erika and Wanker, her two best friends who don’t seem so interested in digging up her past. She later learns about Kian’s release from jail and somehow gets distracted to a point that he begins being careless about her cover. She’s intrigued by Kian and badly wants to meet him, but she’s scared of being busted by the media.

Jordan is only a sniffing distance away from Kian, but feels like they they’re 12 parsec far from being together. Her guardian, who also happens to be an FBI agent, wants her to keep a safe berth from Kian. She has to pretend they are not together to avoid sending him a wrong message.

Kian and Jordan have a lot to work on to build their fledgling relationship. First they have to work on trust then perhaps get to know each other even better. But it’s obvious there’s something Kian is holding back. Though he deeply cares for her, Kian has a deep secret that could kill their relationship should it get out. But it just a matter of time before the lid pops out and things start spilling. Will she stay?

The story is not only captivating but addictive as well. The hero is charming, the heroine affable, and the sidepieces coherent. The book has it all—mystery, humour, betrayal, love and gloom. Who wouldn’t fall in love with such an amazing read?

A thousand reviews can be written about the book, but never in a lifetime will you ever be disappointed by Tijan’s work. He’s the guy. He knows the right buttons to push, the recipe to bake a masterpiece and, more importantly, the story to keep you immersed. So, stop balking and read the book already.

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