The Game Plan – Book Review

What happens when a mountain of a man, fiery-spirited NFL center meets a lovely, sensual but reserved young lady? Yes, you guessed it – sparks. That’s what you expect from any author other than Kristen Callihan.

But only that this time around Fiona MacKenzie doesn’t think Ethan Dexter is her ‘Forever Man’. She decides to walk away and the two disconsolate lovers live apart in different cities for years. Well, that is until a hot passionate kiss changes everything.

Ethan Dexter ( the protagonist ) is a fairly popular and famous NFL star who catches the eye of one simple but beautiful Fiona McKenzie. As it usually happens in most love and romance stories, Fi had her misgivings about the man, despite this ‘devilishly attractive’ beard and well-formed, tatooed muscles. Therefore, to guard her heart from the snares of this man she barely knows yet so much desires, she decides to walk away and the two live apart for some years.

But Dex is not a man who gives up that easily. Especially not when he is also searching for his Forever Girl. He has to convince her with his charm and rugged looks that he’s her Forever Man. And as the tension build up, the two lovebirds are lost in a myriad of rapidly rising and falling pulse-pounding emotions, sex, and lust. Will they survive the storms of this love-hate relationship?

The Game Plan is more than just your run-of-the-mill romance story. It’s the perfect culmination of how heart-wrenching emotions and stomach-twisting desires can come alive interwoven with words. Definitely a page turner!

Being the third sequel of the already popular book series – Game On, the Game Plan will not disappoint anyone who’s already used to Kristen Callihan’s style of infusing words with warmth and vivid description. And at 323 pages, it can’t get any better than this. It feels just long enough to distract you from your daily hectic schedule but short enough to keep you yearning for the next piece by the end of the last page.

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