Ridiculous – Book Review

Ridiculous is written by D. L. Carter. When it comes to paranormal romances, writing by D. L. Carter is something you just can’t miss. The author is known for publishing interesting series, combining romantic scenarios with paranormal activities. Her writing style is unique and distinctive at the same time. Previously belonging to Australia, she now lives in the US with three lovely cats being part of the family! Other than writing, D. L. Carter also has a number of interests. She loves engaging in physical activities such as swimming, jogging, hiking, camping and going on adventure trips.

Just like the name, the novel is extremely exceptional and remarkable. The plot revolves around Millicent Boarded who can go to any extent to save her family from pain and misery and of course, poverty. After the death of her cousin Antony North, she just cannot afford to hurt her family again. To protect her beloved family from the shock of his death, she assumes the identity and character of her dead cousin. This is a unique challenge for a girl to fake her existence and start a new life as a man.

A great number of challenges come her way throughout the storyline but she is willing to go to any lengths to protect her family from any kind of suffering and pain. The idea of a girl depicting herself as a guy, also makes it, a humorous and fun plot. The conversations between characters are very witty and interesting.

The story is filled with surprises, unpredictable behaviors and quirky attitudes. The notion of a girl impersonating a boy it what makes it a unique read.  The novel was a finalist of the Golden Quill Awards in the year 2012. The story is fast paced and you won’t get bored at all. It is a highly recommended read!

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