Struggles of the Women Folk – Book Review

T.M. Brown is an author unlike any other and has written many books that highlight her phenomenal writing ability. She writes from her heart, and pours her entire soul into the projects that she takes on, and the evidence is in all of her genius works. She has experienced great loss in her life, involving her family, friends, and the love of her life; yet she has been able to use that as her strength and put all those emotions together in her compelling novels.

Struggles of the Women Folk, is an inspirational and emotional story, with gritty dialogue, and when you marry it with the signature writing style of T.M. Brown, you get a masterpiece. Her writing is captivating, and the story will engross you completely, ensuring that you’re unable to stop reading once you start. T.M. Brown was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and graduated from Southern High, UMBC, as well as Regis University, where she got a MS in Systems Engineering, and BS in Psychology. She is a mother of two children and a grandmother to a cute little boy. The story in Struggles of the Women Folk, showcase Georgie, who is little black girl, who is living in a small rural town, in Virginia in the 1940s.

Life is extremely hard for young Georgie, and she dreams of a better life, since she ends up experiencing great loss and hardships in her current life. The book is highly relatable and is an excellent read for anyone who wants to curl up with a book on a quiet day. It highlights the struggles of black women, during the early 1900s, and takes you on a captivating journey, which is extremely relatable for every woman.

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Serious Reading Rating
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