Smoke and Mirrors – Book Review

Smoke and Mirrors is the first book in the Up in Smoke Series by Taylor Anne. She lives with her husband and families of her two sons and two daughters in Southwest Louisiana. She enjoys reading novels of the suspense and romance genre, and that is why all her books are of the same genre. Taylor has written four books to date including Heat Flash, A Christmas Santa, Journeys, and the first of book of the Up in Smoke Series. She is also a member of the Bayou Writers Group and Romance Writers of America.

The chief protagonist is Abby Monroe, who is struggling to protect her family and finding justice from a ruthless group of criminals. She is out seeking Graeme Tucker, the only man she can trust in her life-threatening situation. However, she is not fully ready to meet Graeme due to her past experiences with him.

Graeme Tucker, on the other hand, has seen death up close, which is the reason why he has made some drastic changes in his life. Now it’s him and his beach bar, and no romantic affairs with women or getting into danger. But all this changes when Abby shows up with her family, and asks him for help. Graeme finds it difficult to say no to Abby, and finds himself struggling to stop the criminals from killing Abby and her family. In all this commotion, they get close to each other and their flames of love re-ignite.

Will Graeme be able to save Abby and her family? Will they be able to forget their past differences?  Smoke and Mirrors is the perfect blend of suspense and romance. The author has written the novel in such a way that the readers will keep guessing what will happen until the end.

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Serious Reading Rating
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