Touched – Book Review

Anita Hemmingway born in 1978 in Madison, worked in the child care field for a number of years before venturing into school to study teaching. Human Resources is her current field of work, while she is simultaneously focusing on her newly found interest in writing. She is an avid reader of all fiction types including adventure, science, supernatural and romance among others.

Touched is an essential teenage love story full of drama, heartbreak and sweet romance. It tells the story of a seventeen-year-old girl Victoria, typically withdrawn and nerdy, living in Minnesota. Zack studies in the same high school and is the dream-boy of every teenage girl, as he is everything young girls could ask for. As is the case in such romance stories, much to Victoria’s surprise, Zack starts developing a deep interest in her and reveals himself to be completely different than all the other boys.

As vulnerable as a seventeen-year-old girl can be, Victoria falls for him quickly and things start heating up between them. She keeps ignoring and dismissing the strange happenings around her until one day she cannot. Then there are a surge of inexplicable happenings and all she knows is that her life is at stake. It is here that Zack begins to reveal his true colors and Victoria gets a wake-up call.

It is a highly recommended read for high-school romance fiction readers who like a unique twist from the typical story lines. The writer has perfectly blended splashes of reality with happenings only possible in fantasy. Touched is an insight into teenage sensitivities as well as a captivating story where lives are held hostage to uncanny possibilities.

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