Dirty Little Secret – Book Review

Dirty Little Secret is a romantic novel by Willow Sanders. A resident of Chicago, Willow Sanders has been weaving tales since childhood. An avid reader, Sanders has a taste for horror stories and romantic novels. Willow Sanders is a self-publishing author and started writing professionally after her friends and relatives encouraged her to do so. Spending time on social media is something Willow Sanders loves and you can always connect with her on Facebook or Twitter. To date, Willow Sanders has written two books including Dirty Little Secret. Dirty Little Secret is a romantic story about a girl and is set in the city of Chicago.

The chief protagonist of the book is Hillary Sloan, a twenty four year old young woman. Sloan is a self-proclaimed nerd and nowhere in the book will you find her as the damsel in distress. Unlike most other romantic novels, this isn’t a Cinderella story. An Ivy school graduate, Sloan loves drinking and is always looking to make her way up the corporate ladder.

The story kicks off when Sloan calls Morder, an old friend/ DJ and asks him if she could use his bathroom. Hillary walks in wearing high-heeled shoes which is something that fascinates Morder. The two start flirting and in a matter of seconds they’re in bed. Their fling leads to a scandal of great proportions. The book lays the blame for this fling on red-soled shoes. Red-soled shoes are something women love while men fantasize about the women wearing them.

The book has been written in an extremely witty and humorous manner. You won’t find Dirty Little Secret as paranormal, depressing, or erotic. It has an enjoyable storyline which keeps you hooked right till the very end. The book is extremely well written and is part of a two part series. Dirty Little Secret is definitely a book worth reading.

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