Dancing at Midnight – Book Review

Dancing at Midnight is an easy to read romantic book written by Rebecca Yelland, a native resident of California who has an inborn passion for writing. Currently, she lives with her beautiful daughter in East Coast. This is her first novel, but she plans to pen more books in the near future.

Carolyn Graves, the main character in this book returns to her childhood home after the demise of her mother. Her main goal is to settle her mother’s estate and leave behind the memories of the bad relationship that they had. However, her anxiety tends to pull her back. As she goes through her late mother’s private documents, she uncovers a disturbing secret of her mother’s early life. She reads every document that she finds and learns the whole truth about the strained relationship that her parents had carefully hidden from her for decades.

The author uses her exceptional writing skills to describe how broken promises and secrets can haunt families for decades. As you read the book, you will get to clearer understanding of every experience that the Carolyn goes through in her quest to find the truth. Rebecca goes an extra mile to not only highlight the main character personal attributes, but also paint a picture of the emotionally absent mother.

It is very easy to connect the dots and understand the primary message that the author intends to convey to the world. For instance, as you internalize about the story, you will get to appreciate the essence of having a family and learn that your family is not only made up of relatives, but also friends and people that you meet and leave a lasting impact in your life. The unsurpassed combination of true love, suspense, and tragedy give this book an upper hand in the market.

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