My Hands Have Something To Say – Book Review

My Hands Have Something To Say is an interesting romance mystery book written by Ms Dorey Rasmussen. Her passion to write this genre of books was rekindled by some of the experiences that she went through with friends and family members. She has been a member of the Writer’s League of Texas for the last eight years and recently attended The Agent and Editor Conference. She also writes articles for a number of magazines such as the Austin Wide Open, Texas Monthly, and Real Simple.

Trish, the main character in this book, is haunted by her past experiences. She decides to buy a house in Martha’s Vineyard, the cradle of American Sign Language. She uses sign language to communicate, as she is dumb. After moving into her new house, she uncovers a number of hidden secrets that lead her to a hunt for a personal fortune that is hidden in an undisclosed location. She desperately looks for answers by following all the clues that she comes across along the way.

Unfortunately, her past experiences, feelings for her secret lover Kelvin, and thoughts of the former owner of the house slow her down. The ghosts from her past bad experiences also start to reappear, as she gets closer to the fortune. Will she find someone whom she can open up to and trust? Will she get her hands on the coveted fortune? Purchase this book online today to get more details about the intriguing life of this young woman.

My Hands Have Something To Say is a must read book that is filled with drama, mystery, love, and suspense. The author worked smart to come up with characters that are easy to resonate with as the story unfolds. You will also get a better understanding of sign language and how people who have a hearing and talking impairment use it to communicate.

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