Immortal Lovers The Ultimate Sacrifice – Book Review

If you love paranormal romance novels, you will surely enjoy reading Immortal Lovers The Ultimate Sacrifice. The book was authored by Andrea D. Collins. She has a masters degree in Education Technology and is a bona fide member of the famous Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

The main character in this thrill-packed novel is Essence Macarthy. Shortly before her 21st birthday a lawyer whom she had never met before visits and gives her a locket that has the initials “IC”, a note from Emoni, her late mother, and a large sum of money. The letter informs her that she has to travel to New Orleans to get a better understanding of the unfolding events. She gets curious and plans to travel to New Orleans to learn more about her family background and history. As she does that, she starts to develop supernatural powers that enhance her normal speed, agility, and strength.

As the story unfolds, Essence learns that her family lineage included vampires, and an evil sorcerer who cast a curse on her entire family. This realization creates a burning desire inside her to learn more about his family’s past. Her aunt Sybil, who has all along, being aware of the family lineage, warns her not to travel to New Orleans in vain. Read this book to discover the coveted secrets hidden in New Orleans and the risks she will have to take in her quest to know more about her family.

This is one of the best paranormal romance thriller books you can read. Andrea used her experience and creativity skills to create suspense and passion in each paragraph. The personal attributes of the characters are well developed and will capture your attention from the first sentence to the last one.

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