A Squire’s Tale – Book Review

A Squire’s Tale is a romantic story written by Donna Lee Peabody, a professional writer who lives on Central Coast of California. She has a romantic spirit, creative skills, and loves writing romance novels that feature strong and intelligent women. These are some of the attributes that motivate her to sit down and pen books.

A Squire’s Tale is no different from her previous masterpieces. It features Ariana Smythe, the daughter of Duke of Sutterly and Bannor Blackmore, a son of the Duchy of Glenhaven. They are both intimately in love with each other, but have to come up with ways of overcoming challenges that threaten to bring to an end their relationship. Trent, Ariana’s uncle, works tirelessly to ensure that their relationship fails. On the other hand, Malcolm, Bannor’s real brother, is secretly in love with Ariana, he is torn between revealing her love to this beautiful young lady, and his loyalty to Bannor. For their relationship to stand the test of time, they have to trust each other fully and overcome all the challenges that they face on a daily basis.

It is important to note that this is the first novel in the Arwin Adventures Series, and it tailored to introduce you to the world of Arwin. This is a world that is not governed by space and time. It is home to people who believe that truth and loyalty are not just personal attributes, but a way of life. In this and other upcoming novels, you will get a clear understanding of the customs, history, and legends of this community.

A Squire’s Tale is no doubt one of the best romantic books out there. The characters have strong personalities that will keep you reading the book from the start to the end. The author goes against the grind to include the entire first chapter of her next book at the end to give an idea of what to expect next.

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