His Kate – Book Review

His Kate is written by Sue Krawitz who is a meeting planner and also has a background in marketing and public relations. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology, is a fitness enthusiast, and a volunteer at her son’s school. His Kate is her first novel.

The story of the book is about twenty-four year old Greg Janera, who recently graduated from college, is a humble software engineer with a dog and loves sports. He has been in a three year relationship with his girlfriend, Heather Damon. Heather is an event planner and has worked hard for everything she has and managed to make a life for herself. Now, she wants to get married and start a family but Greg isn’t sure if their relationship has come to that point yet and can’t decide if he wants to make the commitment stronger or end it.

On a summer day when Greg is at Rittenhouse Square, Greg meets Kate Shuster, a public relations officer, by chance. Kate is friendly and kind with a beautiful heart. Greg and Kate immediately connect with each other and there is an undeniable chemistry between the two.  This new found connection gives Greg clarity and the idea that he needs to discuss his relationship with Heather to see where they stand.  This would have been okay until an unexpected revelation directly affects the lives of all three of them.

Now, Greg needs to choose between following his heart and listening to his head. The decision he makes will affect his entire life.

His Kate is a soft, emotional story about passion, raw love and how you cannot help but accept the life the way it is. How will changing circumstances affect Kate, Greg and Heather? And how will they choose to deal with an event that completely changes their life. “His Kate” is definitely something you cannot put down till the last page.

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