Meant To Be – Book Review

Jessica James spends most of her time writing historical fiction and romantic suspense. Polar differences between the two genres, but she has won various awards for her writing.

The awards she has on her shelf include, but are not limited to, the New Jersey Romance Writers’ Golden Lead Award in romantic suspense for her first modern novel named Meant To Be in June 2015.Her books have been on the shelves of over a hundred libraries – and not just public libraries in corners where readers do not dwell. Two of the most prestigious libraries that have her books are Harvard’s and the U.S. Naval Academy’s.

Lauren and Rad meet at the beach once a long while ago. They sparked bright, made a strong connection, which had to end after a full day. They had no idea they would cross paths at the most unsuspected place – Afghanistan. Laruen is the special ops officer of the mission Rad has just been assigned for, and he’s just as surprised as her to have made the encounter. Their first meeting was at the Ocean City beach, and the next turns out to be in the middle of a war zone – what were the odds?

The book explores more than just the love story of Rad and Lauren. You will find the deeply hidden secrets of the unsung heroes of the nation which might leave you speechless. The sacrifices these soldiers make for the prosperity of the country are not just physical, but emotional and more intense than a regular citizen will ever know.

Jessica has been able to completely take over the readers’ minds and heartstrings and plays them like the expert that she is.

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