Pas de Deux: Part Two – Book Review

Pas de Deux: Part Two is written by Wynter S.K. who writes adult romance, military, thriller, and suspense novels. She is also a lover of stories that have happily-ever-after endings, alpha males with the hearts of gold, and also stories with strong heroines.

Pas de Deux: Part Two is all about building dreams and mending your hearts. The book revolves around our romantic couple, Sammi Carnevale and Cillian Ronan. Sammi can easily convince herself that she doesn’t have any true feelings for Cillian. But it only takes Cillian one simple gesture to win her trust, and her heart such that with time, she is unable to deny her feelings and desire for him.

As the relationship develops, the wounds of Sammi’s past begin to heal and she begins to visualize a future with Cillian, who is ready to prove that he is all that she needs in a man because she makes him feel that he can achieve anything he sets his eyes on to. He starts believing he can learn to forgive himself for his friend’s suicide, win the MMA tournament, and reclaim his father’s gym.

When he invites her to spend the weekend with him at the MMA tournament, it becomes a turning point for both of them, as all is going well until Sammi’s past comes back into her life in the worse way possible.

Once she leaves, everything Cillian gained because of her goes too – his motivation and desire to achieve his dream. Now, the most important thing in Cillian’s life is that he convinces Sammi of his love for her, in hope that she takes him back. It will then be up to Sammi to decide if she can learn to embrace something as special as Cillian’s love for her, or will she let her past affect her and push him away forever?

Pas de Deux: Part Two is a mature adult novel, and as far as military romances go, this one is surely a winner!

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