To Exist – Book Review

Ashley Boynes-Shuck has made her debut into the literary world with a bang and didn’t disappoint neither the critics, nor the readers. With her book To Exist, she has strengthened her position as one of the most inspiring and motivating writers of our time, who has the ability to describe complex emotions with ease. Her descriptive writing style fills this book with little bit of everything.

To Exist follows the protagonist with a series of unexpected life events that threaten to change her life forever. Shelby is a screenwriter and is living the perfect life, until she is diagnosed with breast cancer and life as she knows it loses all its meaning and changes forever. Her positivity, sunny outlook on life and perspective are all threatened by the onset of cancer. Her plans for the future are foiled and she believes that her life is over.

What she didn’t know was that cancer is not the only thing she would need to battle in the future. A massive storm hits the United States and destroys the infrastructure. The destruction and life count is greater than any other previous calamity and Shelby is one of the few women left after the great destruction. What’s more shocking is that she is the only woman who is of childbearing age and now she is being hunted. Her decision can topple the social system and can change the potential future of not only hers but her nation as well.

Readers will find that the explanatory and emotional writing style of the book will take them into the book itself, and they will be able to feel every emotion and scenario with perfect clarity due to the clear and precise writing style of the author. The vivid imagery and enthralling bits and pieces will captivate the minds of the readers. They will be attached to the characters in no time at all. This book will hold your interest and will piqué your brain even after you have read it. To Exist is a perfect combination of hope, suspense, love and several interesting twists and turns and will compel the readers to explore other books by the author.

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Serious Reading Rating
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