Exposure – Book Review

Kelly Moran is a well known romance author of happily-ever-after romances, and her latest book, Exposure, is definitely a must read for lovers of the romance-genre. Her achievements include the Catherine Award and Kelly also has been a finalist in the RWA 2014 Award of Excellence as well as the Reader’s Choice. Exposure revolves around best friends Noah Caldwell and Raven Crowne, their evolving relationship, and the secrets of the past they both hide from each other.

For the past ten years, Noah and Raven have been friends, and he has always been attracted to her. But Raven has no clue. And this sets us off on a tale of romance in which the characters have incredible chemistry and the sex is… just out there. For 6 years, Noah has been writing her letters that reveal his intense desire for her, anonymously. Out of all the times Noah could have told her how he feels about her, he chooses to do so around the time there is a threat behind him. This threat is what brings the two closer together and they begin a wild affair that is just as he dreamed it to be. But as the their physical passions deepen into the stronger feelings of the heart, Raven needs to handle her dark past and Noah needs to do what it takes to protect his love as his past returns to mess  his life one last time.

There are lots of emotions weaved into the romance and the only reason Noah didn’t tell Raven about his past was because of the dangers it could pose to them. Eventually, the couple has to face the shadows of the past and rediscover their feelings for each other. Kelly Moran, in her new book, has whipped up the recipe for a perfect romance that takes her readers to an emotional rollercoaster ride. Exposure is a gripping read that is sure to make you feel ‘things’.

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