Blood Tears – Book Review

Blood Tears is a fantasy novel by Denise K. Rago. An art history buff and a Master’s Degree holder in Museum Professions, Rago has been an avid reader since childhood. The city of New York, museums, and vampires are the three things Rago is passionate about. It was after her internship at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum that she developed a love for museums. Rago has written two books to date. A piece of literary fiction, Blood Tears talks about a girl’s search for a young man who saved her from a vampire.

Blood Tears continues from where Immortal Obsession, the previous book in the series, left off. This book has everything that you’d expect from a sequel. When Christian takes a peek at a historic diary that Amanda is exhibiting at the museum, he realizes that it’s the same diary he gifted his lover, Josette, a long time ago. This instills new a hope in Christian and he starts believing that Josette may still be alive. Denise K. Rago also talks about the three-way relationship between Amanda, Christian, and Michel.

Circumstances and a dangerous threat bring the three more closer than ever. Amanda and Christian start dating in peace after the immediate threat vanquishes. However, they still aren’t completely safe as some dark forces are yet to reveal themselves and are working behind the scenes. These forces include old and powerful European vampires that only a few people know about. A few of these vampires eventually settle on Amanda, disturbing her relationship with Christian and Michel. Furthermore, this causes everyone to become untrustworthy.

The story travels between two time periods i.e. the 18th century and present day New York .The purpose of doing this is to educate the reader about Christian’s past. A truly captivating book, Blood Tears is definitely worth reading.

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