Immortal Obsession – Book Review

Immortal Obsession is a romantic novel by Denise K. Rago. Rago has a Master’s Degree in Museum Professions and is an art history buff. Furthermore, she’s been an avid reader since childhood. Rago is passionate about the museums of New York City, and everything that talks about vampires. She developed a love for museums after interning at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum. To date, she has written two books. Immortal Obsession is a piece of literary fiction that talks about the paranormal happenings witnessed by a young man named Christian Du Maure.

Immortal Obsession travels between two time periods and talks about all the things Du Maure encounters after he follows his best friend into a dark alley and enters a world of Parisian Vampires that is in a state of conflict. The vampires in this book are born and bred in France. Furthermore, they are highly intriguing characters as Rago lends them historic mystery and gallantry. The vampires travel from 18th century Paris to present New York to taste what they are not allowed to have.

In order to achieve what they desire, the vampires fight many battles. On the other hand, the chief protagonist of this book, Christian Du Mauré, is in a race against time and is looking to achieve something close to his heart. Immortal Obsession is an extremely well written book that you simply cannot stop reading.

This book is a story about obsession, love, and passion among mortals and vampires. Rago lends an enjoyable cinematic quality to this book which forces the reader to develop a strong visual sense. This book will surely enthrall you if you are a fan of vampire literature. A captivating and extremely well written book, Immortal Obsession is a must read.

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