Deception by Design – Book Review

The author of Deception by Design, Tara Wentz has received commendation from Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention and GCLS Awards. Although she belongs to a medical field, Wentz remains passionate about writing and has produced beautiful works of prose like Traffic Stop and Deception by Design.

The main protagonist of the story is a photographer, Joshlyn Davis, whose life mantra is to move through life without drawing unwarranted and unnecessary attention to her. Her main objective or life goal is to lead a normal, simple life and she strives for an uncomplicated life with no-strings attached relationships. For Joshlyn the less people she knows the better it is. Her soul is burdened by the secrets that she has buried deep inside her memories and they are taking a toll on her. But still she can handle her inner monologues and struggles as long as she maintains an uncomplicated external life. She is happy to live the way she wants and everything is going to plan, until things start to change.

Graphic designer Kellen Reynolds supports her work from home business and lives her passion for race driving by frequenting a local amateur race track in the local neighborhood. Kellen really haven’t given any thought to a possibility of a personal relationship and becoming involved with anyone until she meets Joshlyn Davis and is hooked to her right from the start. Things become complicated because Joshlyn feels the same way about Kellen. Her aim to remain unnoticed go down the drain when she looks into Kellen’s eyes and finds that they have a string connection.

Although reluctant at first, they begin to explore their relationship, taking things further, with a singular aim to stay with each other through bright and dark circumstances. But before any of them could take their relationship any further, something evil and sinister threatens to jeopardize everything that they have built. Will it put an end to their love before it has a chance to bloom? Or will they persevere and fight through their personal monsters in order to hold on to each other? Only reading this amazing book will answer these questions.

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