Omnipotent Blood – Book Review

Many people believe that the attempt to write a sequel of a great book requires strong guts. The second one has to be better than the first and dare not fall short. A risky job indeed! But not for C.M Michael as Omnipotent Blood has outdone the first one by all measures. Omnipotent Blood, the second in the Sisters in Blood series, is his first published attempt for a “series novel” and without a doubt, it is a genius one.

The story begins with a woman Brooke, who has just survived a life-threatening attack inside the Natick mall. She decides fleeing Boston would be the answer to run away from the dreaded memories. Alas, she soon discovers that the monsters she was running away from were far more lethal and bigger than she had anticipated. Imprisoned by Lilith, the dark goddess, Brooke is given the task to convert her family into the demon she had now become – a vampire – so that all of them could form an advisory council and lead the greatest demonic rebellion in the history. But Brooke is not the one to give in.

Brooke keeps resisting even after losing her soul and this has spread the word around, enough that the angels are now beginning to take interest. They realize that if Brooke is able to fight back the darkness, the demon inside trying to daub in her, she could potentially shift the ages-old war. The one thing stopping her from embracing her dark queen is the love she had for her now girlfriend Sandy, her sisters, and Sienna.

Will she be able to fight against the powerful urges inside her and for how long?

A treat for all dark fantasy lovers as this new vampire addition to the Sisters in Blood series is indeed a classy one.  The author’s rampant but praise-worthy imagination can be felt in every line of the story.  The readers of paranormal romances will sink their teeth into the book and devour its every word with utter joy.

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Serious Reading Rating
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