Sustained – Book Review

Emma Chase is a prolific writer when it comes to writing funny, hot romance books. When you read any of her books, you will laugh and sigh from the beginning to the end. Sustained is one of her best books. Emma is a devoted mother and wife living in a small town in New Jersey.

Sustained is a perfect and flawless adult romance book that is also funny and heartwarming. The book reads from the perspective of man known as Jake Becker. Jake is an attorney who loves his job, women and sex. He does not want to be committed to anyone. When he turns 30, he decides to create plan for his life. However, his attitude towards the ladies does not change. He still wants to keep things casual. He later has a scare that makes him decide that one night stands are no longer for him.

This is when he meets a woman named Chelsea McQuaid. She is young, beautiful and sweet. Chelsea is a legal guardian to six children. Having a relationship with Chelsea is difficult for Jake because he is not only repulsed by relationships, he does not like kids as well. Jake does not want to get into the messy situation. However, it is very difficult for him to resist his ever growing attraction to Chelsea McQuaid. It is very interesting to watch him navigate through a life that he had never dreamt of. He now has to deal with six children.

It is interesting to see how much love can change a person. His childhood experiences help a lot to make him be warmhearted towards the six orphaned children. This is one of those books that will keep you happy from the beginning to the end.

Emma totally rocks the male perspective in this story. It is a story that is meant to melt the heart of the reader. It is surprising that the last thing that Jake thinks he wants in his life is exactly what he needs.

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