Aspen Everlasting – Book Review

Kathryn Cooper loves reading and writing YA novels. She had been a fan of the genre since she first got her hands on Ella Enchanted in college while attending an English literature class. That was it, like the sunlight had just poured out, like a bulb lit somewhere in her head; she decided this was what she wanted to do with her life.

She started her own blog, Clean Teen Fiction, since she had always been against graphic violence and too much sexual insights in 2011, and then added the young adult fiction novels to it. Aspen Everlasting is a beautiful portrayal of the genre itself. It’s clean, for teens and fiction!

It is the story of Aspen Foster, who is fighting for her life when caught in a flash flood with her sister in a car. Sixteen years of age, Aspen and her sister have spent their lives in the most normal way they could imagine. It’s only today, on this dreadful day, when they are stuck in a car, do they discover who they truly are. She isn’t normal after all; there is something about her that makes her a little less ordinary from all the other people around her. But if it weren’t for this accident, she may have never discovered it. What she truly is; is an Evermortal fairy with super powers beyond her wildest imaginations. She is then introduced to her past and her true family members and that is when things begin to darken.

Will she be able to make peace with her past and present or will something much darker overcome her?

Readers will find that the story is a cute paranormal romance, the kind that touches the heart and takes us back to the time we all believed in fairytales.

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Serious Reading Rating
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