Not Just Another War Story – Book Review

There is a great thing about authors like Wayne G. MacDowell. They have the power and imagination to transport their readers, through their exceptional writing skills, in an era they want them to be. Not Just Another War Story is the brilliant portrayal of just that; possibly the writer’s best work so far. This compelling war story, circling the events of World War II, weaves a beautiful story of love, passion, devotion and will to survive when all hope is lost.

The story is set in the spring of 1942, about six months after the surprise attack from Japan at the Pearl Harbor. The country is still recovering from the aftermath and the young Steve Carmichael is a fresh graduate. When Steve was only 11, he was an old mail-route bi-plane with his father. Within the next few months that followed, the boy was flying high with the birds. Putting his professional baseball career on hold, when Steve finds all other young men recruiting themselves for war, he decides to do the same. He joins the Army air corps and recruits himself for a professional training program with the hope to pilot the four-engine B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber once in his life.

Preparing himself for the difficult military pilot training, he has no idea that the life is soon to take a toll on him. As he joins the training, he is soon introduced to many other batch members and become friends with them. But there is this one friend he holds special. Margaret Steel, the head strong British nurse from Isle of Wight, England. Her ways and notions about life and that one peculiar thing about her Steve never could pinpoint but like the most has him fallen head over heels for her.

Steve, as he and his crew strives to rule the dangerous skies occupying Europe, wishes only one thing: to go back home. This is an action-packed tale of the airmen as they struggle to win the war against all odds. It is their passion, their loved ones left behind that keep them alive. Every victory is just an invitation to the next.

Will they ever be able to return back home alive when after every other air mission they are send off to another one?

The book, brilliantly penned down by the author, isn’t just about war. It’s about everything that happens to the many lives in turmoil during the war. It’s the story of their struggle, their cries, their passion, their hope for a better tomorrow, and most importantly, love during the war-torn era. This delightful and at times heart wrenching insight of the war will leave the readers in awe.

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