Husband Fur Hire – Book Review

Husband Fur Hire may seem like another helping of T.S. Joyce‘s Bear Shifter books but this one has a fresh take on the main characters, which are the grizzly shifters and their adventurous romances with human love interests.

Husband Fur Hire is the first in the Bears Fur Hire series and showcases an unlikely romantic partnership between an independent Alaskan homesteader and a dominant shifter, both cynical about finding love but ultimately destined to find each other.

Elyse Abram is no stranger to the hard life. She has handled the rough Alaskan terrain for far too long, her problems compounded by wrong choices in a man who is making life even more miserable. Cole is a taker and unbeknownst to her, a werewolf. He has done nothing but take from her, adding to her burdens and making her realize that she desperately needed a change. She vows to let go of love and look for a husband for the sole purpose of having a man who is just there to help her with the homestead. However, that was before dominant grizzly shifter Ian Silver walks up to her door. A shifter enforcer, Silver’s job requires him to put down trouble-making werewolves, with Cole next on his list. When his latest mark begs him to look after the woman he hired, his protective instincts kick in and he begins to feel more than just curiosity when he finally gets to know her.

The story carries all the classic tell-tale signs of every T.S. Joyce book– a strong, independent heroine, a dominant, burly love interest and a story that seems to have an unlikely ending from the very start. But she pull it off! Elyse’s strong, independent character was perfectly crafted to match Ian’s which makes the chemistry between them utterly believable. Despite Ian’s being a were-bear, he was able to show her the achingly tender love that softens Elyse’s hard edges and eventually allows her to let him in.

The sense of humor that the author injected into the book gave it a lighter feel while keeping the overall message, which is about finding love in the midst of hardships and imperfect romances, intact.

Overall, Husband Fur Hire is a great read, a compelling mix of drama, romance and humor rolled into a clever and intriguing package that will leave you smiling up to last page.

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