Wed to the Bad Boy – Book Review

Kaylee Song has always been known to spin a good tale. Her current book ‘Wed to the Bad boy‘ doesn’t disappoint her audiences either. It’s a tale of intrigue and a lot of family drama. Though the story line isn’t something new, Kaylee Song has managed to add new dimensions to it.

The story itself revolves around a character called Joanna. She is the niece of one of the mobsters. Her life has taken a turn for the worst as she has her father’s debt hanging over her head! Unfortunately for her the money that her dad gambled away belonged to a rival family. The hot and spunky mob princess agrees to pay off the debt by working for the enemy .

That’s where the second character makes his entrance. His name is Greyson! Greyson and his family are the rivals that Joanna finds herself spying on! The sizzling romance that develops keeps the reader on hooks. The real climax arrives when Greyson decides that he wants to marry her. Joanna is then faced with the tough decision. Should she reveal that she is a spy or should she give up her dreams of graduating and marry him?

The book ‘Wed to the Bad Boy’ turned out to be an interesting tale of suspense, sex and deception. It’s was a real good read and the book is hard to put down. The first chapter itself captures the readers attention and interest. Kaylee Song has done an excellent job in telling the tale and has proved her worth as a writer.

So if love at first sight is your thing and if you really love reading about the dynamics of power and family. This is the book for you. The book is fine piece of modern literature with a romantic twist. You will find that ‘Wed to the bad boy’ does not disappoint the reader. In fact it holds the reader spellbound till the end!

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