Pretend You’re Mine: A Small Town Love Story – Book Review

Lucy Score is an amazing author of romantic fiction. From the top of self-published bestsellers list comes yet another flawless thriller, a book with the perfect amount of steam, romance and comedy that will intrigue you to the end.

The book, ’Pretend you’re mine’, is about Luke Garrison, a hometown hero and part of the National Guard that’s ready to be deployed again. Although he is sweet, strong and sexy, he doesn’t want to get a girlfriend. He however meets a beautiful lady named Harper and realizes that she could be the perfect decoy to keep his family members off his back until his next mission.

Luke is taken aback by how Harper is always ready to help others regardless of what risks she may expose herself to. Harper was on the way towards starting a new life but there’s something unique about Luke that makes her want to stay, settle down and turn Luke’s house into a home. With him, she finally feels safe and protected.

Luke and Harper are both falling for each other but neither of them can disclose details of their past. He can’t tell her about his past and she can’t tell him about what she is running away from.

This is by far one of the best love stories out there. There’s lots of laughter, tears, suspense, banter and sex. Luke is your ideal Alfa-male while Harper is a breath of fresh air. She is one character that I will never forget. She is a go-getter, helper, rescuer, listener, friend and her only desire was that someone be the same for her. She is strong, intelligent, resilient, sassy, hilarious and most of all extremely lovable.

The book has strong characters and great character and story development. Every aspect of it will have you hooked. It is flawless from the start to finish. The story is thrilling, funny, sad and all the other emotions in-between. With characters that are so realistic, you will feel as though you know them already.

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