Prince Albert: A Billionaire Stepbrother Romance – Book Review

Sabrina Paige is talented romance writer. She has written several interesting publications that are very interesting. Prince Albert: A Billionaire Stepbrother Romance is a funny book that is filled with sexy stuff.

Prince Albert is a fun loving hot man who has recently returned home after serving in the military for a while. He meets a girl named Belle in the city of Las Vegas. Belle is a wealthy girl who stand for herself. She had just learnt that her fiancĂ© was unfaithful to her. She had just called off her wedding. Belle is the kind of person who does not think that people should take her wealth lightly. She has been working in Africa to help the people in need. Belle and Albie (Prince Albert) develop an instant connection. They have amazing chemistry. They decide to have a night of adventure in the city of Las Vegas. They lose control after taking a couple of drinks. They end up getting married at the end of their adventurous night. Belle leaves early in the morning without informing Albie. As fate would have it, they happen to meet again at their parents’ wedding. It turned out their parents were getting married. They end up living as siblings! To make things worse, Albie still finds Belle irresistible. He can’t stay away from her. The biggest challenge they have is hiding their involvement from their family because they know that it is something that can completely break up their royal family.

It is amazing how Sabrina Paige gave the prince charming fairy tale a twist. This book is definitely a must read for anyone who loves romance stories. Will Belle be able to resist him for good? Will this scandal destroy their family?

The story is fantastic all through. You are definitely going to enjoy every bit of it. It is hot, sexy and humorous. You will not want to break from the story once you start reading it.

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