Roommates – Book Review

Romance in novels is a dicey thing. It’s difficult to capture the true essence of two characters and put them together in a world of love. Erin Leigh however manages to do this without any difficulty. In fact she goes one step ahead and puts together a story about two character that are least likely to fall in love. That in itself makes her book ‘Roommates‘ exceptional.

The book roommates revolves around two people… Natalie Banks and Brady Coldwell! The only thing that both of them in common is that they both know what it is like to have someone sacrifice everything for them. Natalie Banks moves out of her overprotective parents house to start a new job. Brady Coldwell on the other hand is a rising hockey player whose parents have sacrificed everything to get him where he is. An accident makes them both roommates. The plot unfolds and it soon obvious that they both start having feelings for each other. Brady finds himself falling for her but he knows that hooking up with her is just a bad idea. The innocent mistake that landed them as roommates leads them in a spiral of emotions that they find hard to accept.

‘Roommates’ is not just a story with a romantic twist. It’s a tale of love and emotions. It’s a tale about how opposites attract. Erin Leigh has written the story so well that you find yourself walking in Natalie’s shoes (if you are male then Brady’s shoes!). The story brings out the romantic side of the reader and piques your curiosity as the story unravels.

‘Roommates’ is all about of making things work. It tells a tale of how opposites attract. The story brings out the romanticist in you. It’s a book that is hard to put down. You will find that Erin Leigh will take you on a journey (with her words) that will leave you thinking about the book long after you have set it down!

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