Last Shelf

Quietly, around the US small book retailers are surviving Amazon’s onslaught on the market. Various sources estimate the number of independent retailers to be just under 2,000. There is a certain convenience in going online to find an enjoyable book to read.

Avoiding lines, and circumventing traffic are just two of the conveniences online retail offers. Still, there is a certain sensation that only a visit to a bookstore can assuage. There are independent bookstores across the United States; most major cities have one.

Phoenix is no exception; the city is host to the small independent bookstore in Palabras Bilingual Bookstore. The bookstore can be found just under three miles away from the downtown Phoenix area. One short trip down I-10, and there is the independent retailer.

Small independent book retailers are known for being cozy and welcoming. The owner can be found at the bookstore most days. The small retailer is community oriented, invested in offering the local community something. There can be several events being hosted at these small retailers.

Palabras Bilingual Bookstore is one of these types of small retailers. There are events hosted at the store monthly. The bookstore is actively engaging the local community. The events can vary from guest coming to the store to host events; to performances from people in the community.

This independent retailer is one of the few that offers books in two different languages. For Theo, the store was supposed to be a stop along the road to use the bathroom. “Last Shelf” is a journey along a road of self-discovery, friendship, and the possibility of more.

Only in a small independent retailer is there the type of interaction that Theo experiences. Theo along his journey finds so much more than what he could have bargained for. The journey will take Theo down a road that leads to the proverbial fork in the road.

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