Steady as You Go – Book Review

Cheryl Murnane is an active yoga practitioner, loves her family that consists of her husband, two beautiful children, and Mitzi, their dog. She is a firm believer of things setting in motion for reasons and that nothing happens without a deeper meaning or purpose to its occurrence. Sometimes incidents or things take place in our lives that we may not be able to comprehend at the time, but they are for the better. Why we cannot understand the reasons at the moment is usually because we are unable to see the bigger picture, which sets in perspective a while later.

Steady as You Go is Cheryl’s debut novel. As Maggie enters a world of sorrow following her father’s untimely death, the encounters she has in freshman year at college change her life, along with the entwined others’, forever. She meets Tim at college, and he is exactly what her life needs after the fiasco she has been through – stability. Tim is the kind of guy who is consistent in his lifestyle, does not seek adrenaline, and likes to take care of the people in his life. They fall in love, and get married eventually. But sometimes, you can’t plan cautiously enough. Like some say “life happens,” and there are things out of your reach.

Enter Will, barely recovering from a recent break up, he becomes friends with Tim incidentally. At the time they were both unaware of how deeply their lives will become connected. As horrible news dawns in on Tim and Maggie’s lives, they are left with no escapes and solutions. They must accept their fate. Time is running out for Tim, as he battles a fatal condition, but in his time of slipping away from this world, he sees Will as a beacon of light. A beacon that will keep Maggie’s life lit after he’s gone.

Will is the total opposite of Tim – he thrives on adrenaline and adventure. Maggie isn’t sure if she would be willing to give into Tim’s dying wish. But what other option did she have? Would she leave her husband’s ONLY wish unfulfilled?

Cheryl’s debut novel is an amazing story of self-less love, dependency, and just raw emotion. The story of these three people will teach you that not every little aspect of life can be planned down to the last detail. Sometimes, you have to let things happen automatically. Whether you accept them willingly or not, they are going to happen anyway, so better anticipate surprises.

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