Audrey Davis just wants to leave a life of hurt and pain behind when she accepts a job at a small magazine in Seattle after graduating from college.  When she meets pastor Doug Simpson, sparks fly on both sides, and after a whirlwind courtship, the two marry.  Audrey has it all, a handsome, popular husband, a beautiful home and a ministry to tens of thousands of people.  Her smile is beautiful and she tells herself her Gran would be so proud…

Doug Simpson is a man with his own secrets.  A man who preaches to tens of thousands of worshipers every weekend, with his lovely Audrey by his side.  And yet, something cold is in his heart, that comes to a head on a night in which he loses his tightly held control.  A journey begins that cannot be turned around, and only the grace of God is going to give the couple what they need to be reconciled, if they can find the strength within to let go of the past.

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