Enchanted Limbo: Mission Soul Salvation

Enchanted Limbo was meant for people who succumbed to an untimely and unscheduled death. It was a secret planet between heaven and earth, in proximity to purgatory and hell, a temporary abode for those whose lives were ended by circumstances, a domicile for aborted babies, souls of people who were murdered, those who committed suicide and other factors maneuvered by the dark force. Souls lived at Enchanted Limbo until their actual schedule of death, the time when they would be transported to their assigned destination; heaven, purgatory or hell.
Enchanted Limbo was headed by King Solomon, who initiated the project “Mission Soul Salvation”, allowing three chosen spirit mentors with magic wands, to go back to earth with three erring souls to make amends and redeem their souls.
The first batch sent were Marlo, an eighteen-year-old victim of sibling rivalry, who resorted to drugs and died of overdose. Patricia, an executive, who experienced a fit of jealousy against her husband, who sought the company of another man in revenge and met an accident, Veronica, an orphan turned into a hard-heartened spinster, selfish, loveless, self-centered, who died of heart attack.
Going down to earth, they were accompanied by three holy spirit, Brother Angelo, Sister Angela and Sister Lucille. The souls were determined to straighten up the wrong doings they committed when they were alive. With bad spirits on the loose and on guard, would the mission be triumphant?

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