Shadows of Montsegur

Life is like leaping flames. Its circumstances change shape so quickly—one moment dancing, the next dwindling into embers . . .

In 1243, a young novice joyfully accepts her uncle’s summons to leave the abbey in Toulouse to care for her grandmother. She arrives in Lavelanet to find a village gripped by the terror of the Inquisition and a growing army surrounding the Cathar fortress known as Montsegur. While Andreva strives to hold on to her family, her faith, and the young farmer she loves, all around her, Good Men (Cathars) must fight for their religion and life itself.

In this time ruled by the wrath of the Inquisition, will this faith-filled but naïve girl be forced to witness the massacre and burning of every Cathar man, woman, and child, and also lose the young farmer she loves?

The venturesome reader, students of history, and those who cheer for the rights of mankind can learn from this seldom-told tale of medieval history at its darkest. Seasoned storyteller J. Sowards brings tenderness and love to this moment of humankind’s never-ending struggle to hold to what it believes.

Shadows of Montsegur is available in English and translated into French by Genevieve Ficquet. titled Dans l’ombre de Montsegur.

J Sowards opens a window on a little-known chapter of historical tragedy in Shadows of Montsegur. Challenges to the human conscience have run through the course of time. May we be wiser in our day. ~ Joyce DiPastena, award-winning historical romance author

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