The Everlasting Love: The Beginning

If you love fantasy fiction then this book series is for you! It’s not just fantasy, it’s a love story and mystery as well. This is book one to my series The Everlasting Love. Please read the sample of the first chapter and enjoy. If you want more it can be found at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and

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I heard the shots and I wondered where they were coming from. I looked around the courtyard hoping that everyone was okay, when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain! I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t scream, I started to feel queasy like I was going to faint.

That is when I saw the blood on my dress. It was my blood! I HAD BEEN SHOT! I looked around for TJ and saw him standing with Gabe looking at me wide-eyed. They rushed over to me as I started falling to the ground. I felt his arms catch me as I began to fall and I heard the words

“Hannah stay with me, Please, baby, stay with me! I love you.”

Then everything went dark.

Chapter 1

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!! I heard the alarm and thought to myself, not already! It was August twenty-eighth the first day of being a senior and my last semester at Salem High School. Something inside me told me that this semester was going to be different than any of my previous ones and I was excited. I was excited because I had a lot to think about like what was I going to do after graduation?

I knew whatever I was going to do would be great because my two best friends would always be there to support me. I have the best two friends that a girl could ask for. Other than those two I mainly keep to myself. I guess that is because I don’t have money, In Fact, I’m actually kind of broke compared to everyone else at school. The looks part I do have but that’s about it. Which I really don’t want socialize with people except my two best girlfriends Elizabeth, who we call Liza, and Meredith anyway. I never have been much of a talker just a studier.

I got up out of bed and brushed my wavy blonde hair after putting on a pair of jeans and a cute light blue shirt. I decided to wear heels with my jeans since I had no Physical Education classes this semester. Thank goodness because I sucked at it last year. I’m not the athletic type; instead I am more of the average weight, short about 5- foot- 2 inches, artistic type as in drawing.

After getting ready I grabbed my purse, back pack and went to the kitchen. I reached for my car keys and an apple then left for school. Mom had already gone to work at the vet’s office so it didn’t bother me to leave earlier than usual.

Once I pulled into the school parking lot, I sat there for a few minutes. It was seven-twenty and school didn’t start until eight, so I had some time to kill. I turned on the radio and took my schedule from my bag. My semester for my senior year looked quite interesting:


1-English 4 (Matthews)

2- Art 2 (Dunkers)

3- Physical Science (Kortez)

4- Art 3 (Dunkers)

I had two art classes this semester so I knew I was going to love it although I had never heard of Mr. Dunkers before. He had be new, I thought. I put my schedule back into my bag and got out of my black Toyota Camry because it was now seven-thirty.

I walked up to the building of Salem High the house of the tigers thinking, my last semester hallelujah. Our football team had won the championship three years in a row now so the school was not all bad I guess. As I walked through the doors I saw my ex-boyfriend Todd who I had dumped over the summer. He was with a new girl and I thought to myself what an idiot because he is such a pig. He once threw his lunch on me because I had refused to have sex with him in the boy’s locker room. I wanted to save myself for that one special person and it definitely was not Todd. I walked on down the hall and found Elizabeth with Meredith at her locker.

“Hey girls” I said while sitting my things down and opening up my locker that was two lockers down from Meredith.

Everyone has the same lockers that they chose their freshman year because at Salem High the locker you choose your freshman year is the one that you keep your all four years of high school. Most of the time it can be a good thing but sometimes it is not so great. Especially that time that Timmy Carter broke into some jocks locker and stole his car keys.

“Hannah girl I missed you, and will you please tell Liza that going back to Tony would be the worst mistake ever.”

Liza is what we have called Elizabeth since elementary school even though she hates it.

“Meredith we just saw each other yesterday, and Liza she is right, do you remember what he done to you last time?” I said while closing my locker.

I was listening to Liza rattle on about how he had changed, that he doesn’t cheat anymore when something caught my attention. It was a man that I had never seen before walking down the hallway. He had his hands in his pockets and looked to be about twenty-three years of age. He was about my height, with brown hair that was a little spiked, and his eyes were green like mine. He had some facial hair, a somewhat muscular body and a very nice ass. I had never seen someone so handsome in my life. I watched him walk down the hall and take a left because for some reason I just could not take my eyes off of him. I noticed that I had been drooling when I heard,

“Hannah, earth to Hannah! Come on the bell just rung and did you hear anything I just said.”

I shook my head to get out of the daze and said to Liza

“Sorry I zoned out just a little bit.”

I told her I would see her later in Art and went to English.

When I arrived to class I found Mrs. Matthews writing instructions on the board. The instructions were to get out some paper and to start a plan for an essay on one thing we did this summer. I had gone on a trip to the beach with Liza and Meredith the last week of June so I decided to write about that. I got out a pencil from my backpack and started the plan. I finished in about thirty minutes so I decided to lay my head down and rest my eyes. The next thing I knew I had fallen asleep and I dreamed the dream that I had been having for months.

It consisted of a cottage in an open field next to a beautiful sparking blue waterfall. I like usual walked to the waterfall and heard a small voice.

“Run Hannah run, get away as fast as you can.”

I was going closer to the voice again when the bell for class to end startled me. It was nine-thirty, had I really slept an hour? I turned in my plan to Mrs. Matthews and got my things and walked out.

My next class was art and I knew I was going to love it. I walked in and sat down beside Liza in the third row. I was starting to sit my utensils on my desk when I looked up and froze dead in my tracks. The handsome guy I had seen walking down the hallway was Mr. Dunkers, My art teacher. He turned around from the dry erase board and he froze, we locked eyeballs and when we did I felt a sexual urge all over my body, my skin turned cold and I saw my life flash before my eyes with him in it. I think the same happened to him because he looked as pale as I felt.

When class started he introduced himself as Thomas Joseph Dunkers. He said that he was twenty-two years of age, and that his birthday was June second. He then went on to tell a little about himself and I was surprised to find that we had a lot in common. He talked about himself for a total of twenty minutes and then gave the instructions for the day which was to spend the rest of class sketching a picture of whatever came to our mind and to color it using colored pencils only so he could see what level of art we were in.

I had no idea what I was going to sketch so I decided to just go with the flow. Before I started I looked up, I saw him staring at me, and so I started blushing. I quickly started working so that I would have time to finish. It was now ten o’clock and I had until eleven thirty to get this done. I looked down at the paper and it was like my hands took over for me.

I was concentrating so hard that I had not even noticed that what I was drawing was my dream. I had drawn the cottage in the field, the beautiful sparkling waterfall and myself. I stared for a minute amazed on what I had drawn and then began to color it in. Once I got through I put my name on the back and took it up to his desk and set it in a stack.

We locked eyes again and I got a weird feeling in my stomach. I saw my dream again but this time when I heard the voice I heard,

He is the one, your everlasting love.

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