Curse of the Beast

A tale as old as time where werewolves hunt and cell phones ring… Wait? What? That isn’t right, but in Curse of the Beast by Ashley Lavering it is. Ashley has woven our love of fairytales and werewolves into a beautifully crafted modern-day retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Her novel, Curse of the Beast, melds the elements of this great classic into pieces of werewolf lore to create this young adult paranormal romance that takes place in Cody, Wyoming, where a seventeen-year-old girl, Tayla, struggles to balance her family’s dysfunctionality with the pressures of high school while having a werewolf for a shadow.

Abandoned by her mother, Tayla is raised by her depressed aunt who struggles with her husband’s death. Catching the eye of the star quarterback, Kyle, Tayla thinks her life is finally turning around, but Kyle isn’t what he seems and an ancient curse has her in its crosshairs.

A werewolf stalks the night forced to hunt and claim what is his. Beast fights the pull of The Hunting, hating what he is, but the magic is too strong to ignore. He claims Tayla binding her to him forever. Even though Beast has done this time and again, he finds this girl is different than the others. Could he dare hope she will break the curse and free him and his pack from their monstrous forms?

Curse of the Beast is the first novel in this humorous and life-touching tale of love, loss and finding one’s inner strength. Star Cursed (book two) wraps up the retelling and After Star (book three) marches into happily ever after. This young adult author keeps it clean while delivering a heartwarming romance and adventure. So, wait no longer for your next fairytale and werewolf fix!

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