All those who know Milly Ly know how uniquely vivacious she is. She likes to describe herself as an animal lover and tree-hugging diva whose only goals in life is to keep her love for writing alive. She believes she lives in the middle of nowhere and likes to sing karaoke on the top of her lungs. In order to remain in contact with sanity, she let reading and writing heal her soul. Intercrossed is her debut novel which is only an aide memoire that more good is to come!

What can you do when you have fallen for some who is a potential threat to your very existence? When the protagonist was dropped off to the quiet and calm Rome, Georgia by her mom, all she expected was to find a humdrum summer of supernatural combat training. Instead what awaits her is an adventure, dangers and the one thing she had been trying to run away from all her life after she got her heart shattered by her ex: true love.

Will she be able run away from it or tear down all the walls in her heart to accept the newly-found happiness?

Readers will find that Intercrossed is a YA novel, a shifter romance that will remain in their hearts and mind for long. It has everything a perfect romance should have –love, thrill, adventures, and twists that will have you encased till the very last page.

All kudos to Milly Ly for her exceptional ability to create such in-depth characters which makes this book impossible to resist and put down, leaving the readers anticipating for more.

All those readers who loved the Twilight series will fall in love with the characters for their supernatural and emotional abilities complemented with personalities that are full of strength, sarcasm, teen-angst and heart. This is a perfect book for all those are avid readers and need something good for an upcoming vacation break. Grab your copy today!

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