Aries Jones

Aries Jones is still trying to recover from the loss of his wife, Faith. Faith died in a tragic accident a few months after Aries returned from fighting in the war for freedom in Afghanistan.


His PTSD was only made worse after witnessing a drunk driver run his wife down, while she was crossing the street. It took him over a year to pull himself out of the slump and the depression he had fallen into.


His friend from high school, Stirling Dexter, asked him to work on a project to help a girl who had brain cancer. He had almost turned him down, until he heard his deceased wife’s voice tell him he needed to have more Faith, and that everything would work out the way it was supposed to if he listened with his heart and mind.


He thought he was going crazy at first, but she started leaving little signs for him to follow. It felt good to get back out into the living again, but at night he still couldn’t stay asleep without his experiences during the war, and the memory of his wife’s face haunting him.


Stirling asked him to do one more project. Aries was eager to continue working for Stirling; he paid well and was fair and understanding. Then Aries met Brenna Faith Douglas, and he began to doubt himself and his reasons for working for Stirling. There was something about the girl’s mischievous smile that made him feel as if he was cheating on his wife. Faith had died only a year before, but Brenna was very much alive.


He wanted to push Brenna away, but the voice in his head told him to hold on tight to the unusual girl. Did he trust his instincts and the voice in his head? Or did he push the girl as far away from him as he could and stay faithful to his wife’s memory?


Aries will discover a side of himself that he never knew existed, once he begins to spend more time with the girl who he knows might break him for good. But he is even more afraid that he will forget his first true love after he almost loses Brenna Faith Douglas.


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