A Man’s Appetite

Here’s another opportunity to get completely lost in a great story. White Collar Woman is a powerful book series that is centered around the one and only, Marla Evans.

Marla may be the star of White Collar Woman, but there are many women and men fighting for that spot! This series has not only entertained a number of readers, but it has left the audience craving for more.

Out of the 5-book series, we’re placing our focus on “A Man’s Appetite”. The second installment in the White Collar Woman series. Along with having a 5-star rating, this book is available at a huge discounted price. Less than a dollar!

Whether you were the Prey or the Predator, we all have experienced the Appetite of a Man in some shape or form. The indescribable connection between a man and woman can lead to a deadly web of lies, deceit, and infidelity. As you enter the lives of multiple relationships, you will find yourself connecting with someone in the story. Were you the one devoted, but was lied to? Or, are you the one playing games and creating ruckus? As we dig deeper, you learn that a (wo)man shares the same appetite. Once these two worlds collide, you experience a story like no other. From Author Nicholas L. Maze, we discover A Man’s Appetite.

Nicholas L. Maze is an independent, accomplished writer in both, fiction and nonfiction. Along with the popular White Collar Woman series, Nicholas has wrote literature that deals with finance and religion. His work displays his versatility, while being unique in a variety of genres.

Nicholas chose White Collar Woman to be a platform that shows what women face in the corporate world. The series also displays the many hats that a woman has to wear, while maintaining a leadership role in an organization. It’s a collection of stories that are entertaining and thought-provoking. For less than a dollar, you can get your taste of A Man’s Appetite!

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