Reincarnations of Marisa

When recurrent flashbacks and disturbing dreams begin to prey on her mind, Mary feels compelled to investigate. Her search for a guide leads to Cherry, a beautiful college professor and para-psychologist. Cherry teaches her a self-regression technique that proves itself from the beginning as Mary watches her identity develop through 12 successive lifetimes,   beginning in 5300 B.C. as Marisa of Atlantis.  

Insights into a common thread of experiences, ideas, relationships, recurrent situations and an ongoing search for meaning and truth point directly to Mary’s present incarnation.  Her passion for living and learning is inflamed as questions and answers arise like birds in flight:    Did all that she learned from life to life collect in her consciousness as subconscious knowledge? Did that sense of self and truth shape her interests, talents, choices, character, and quest for spiritual enlightenment in this incarnation? It seems that Jahu, Nathanial, Aramis, Hassum and Mark are the same soul.  Will she meet him again in this incarnation?

 Whether you perceive this book as fiction or non-fiction you will find it uplifting, inspiring, passionately romantic and totally engrossing.

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