Jack Schirtzinger has created this tale of lies, deceit, perceptions of love, heartbreak and sex yielding a story that is enlightening, realistic, sad, humorous and steamy.

The story features the life of a man who: was married and divorced ten times to ten different women, opened fast-food restaurants in over forty different countries, enjoyed around the world honeymoon oceanic cruises, had his youngest brother marry one of his ex-wives, remained business partners with one of his ex-wives, carries a loaded gun in the trunk of his car in case he sees one of his ex-wives, had two business successful children that totally wrote him out of their lives, experienced his first sexual threesome with his second wife, survived a stroke, two heart attacks and all of this doesn’t even begin to tell the story.

This amazing tale could just as easily be a true story as much as it is actually a work of fiction.                                                                                                                                      It was not all that difficult to create the tale as one simply needed to watch and actually observe couples at the beginning as well as at the end of their relationships and marriages. Life and marriage seems to have become more of an adventure for most rather than a lifelong commitment.

This story about the adventures that this one man dealt with during his ten different marriages has a great deal of truth and personal experiences of the author included as well as quite a bit of fabrication in order to make the tale more interesting and believable.

Life happens, love happens, weddings happen, sex happens and divorces happen each and every day in humanity and the actual living through these experiences provided the hilarity, the surprises as well as the heartbreak that exist within the pages of this story.

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