Heavenly Bodyguards – Against All Evil by Rebecca Lange (Heavenly Bodyguards, #2)

“Tell me something Bri, has giving up made you happy? Has your situation changed because you feel sorry for yourself? How can you expect others to stop feeling sorry for you, if you’re not willing to stop feeling sorry for yourself?”

Convincing a healthy, beautiful teenage girl to believe in herself is hard, but the task becomes almost impossible when seventeen year old Brianna has an accident that will change her life forever. Joelle’s task is to help Brianna understand that she needs to love herself no matter what, and that giving up hope isn’t an option – life is still beautiful.
But this isn’t her only mission. Joelle receives two more assignments – even more demanding and intense. Abuse, bullying and racism are some of the challenges that await her. However, things finally look up for her when, for the second time, she discovers a power that none of the other angels seem to have.

Heavenly Bodyguards – Against All Evil is the second part of the Heavenly Bodyguard trilogy. It is Joelle’s continued journey as a guardian angel, and addresses several issues that the world is experiencing right now. Her easy-going, and sarcastic personality, invites the reader to experience her tasks and challenges as if they were there. Joelle learns how important it is to trust in God, and not doubt herself, no matter the outcome of her missions. It is because of Joelle, and what she is going through and has to accomplish, that the reader will understand how important it is to always stand for what is right despite of a lot of opposition. She shows how persistence, and fighting the good fight, pays off, and how “giving up” is never an option!

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