Alpha Pride

Alpha Pride. Like the CIA, FBI and Navy Seals, rolled into one and less talked about than all three. The AP police their kind – shifters and all thing classified as Not Human. When Alpha Pride comes for you, there’s no due process, no day in court and no appeal. You ended up with a toe tag, stamped with the Tribunal’s approval. No questions asked.

Blade Reegan is what some would call a nut job, or maybe he’s just an asshole. His strict NO TOUCHING policy makes living in the world of man hard, at times. Saved at a young age by Alpha Pride’s founder and longtime friend, Ozzy Fitzpatrick, Blade returns to AP HQ for one reason and one reason only. A storm is brewing that threatens them all, Shifters, Paras and Humans. No one is safe. Little does Blade know, the storm that will trap him will be the whelp he’d trained so long ago, Ozzy’s daughter.

Reese Fitzpatrick has spent her life running after her father trying to prove that even if it is a man’s world, she can do anything a male can, and do it better. Despite her father trying to stop her at every turn, Reese has battled her way up through the ranks to Team Leader of Alpha Prides cleanup crew. When the shit hits the fan, they are the first in and the last to leave. Living one step from a body bag with chaos gaining the upper hand, she has it all under control. Then that damn Panther shifter comes back and reality is about to give her a huge wake-up call.

When a force of nature collides with an unmovable object, Reese and Blade are the perfect storm.

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