Eve: Book One of Eden’s Exiles Trilogy

The book begins with the after math of the Great Battle between the Clan of Adam and the Clan of Cain. Eve has been impaled upon the sword of a Warrior of Nod, the kingdom that Cain has built. He has not only settled down, but established a kingdom, blatantly disobeying God’s command that he should forever wander.

As Eve’s life’s blood seeps from her she is transported back to a time before she was known as Eve. To a time when she was simply Woman and Adam was known only as Man.

Through her memories we experience the lush tranquility of the Garden of Eden. A Paradise that is tainted by the Fallen Archangel, the Light Bringer. He appears to Eve in the guise of a heavenly being. Introducing himself as Azazel he begins his slow stalking of her.

Convincing Eve that she was a secondary creation and working upon her desire to know more like her mate he plays upon her innocence. She does not recognize him for what he is. Evil. Eventually she succumbs, and eats of the Forbidden Fruit.

In a heartbreaking scene they are evicted from The Garden into a world that does not welcome them. The animals no longer look upon them with favor. Indeed more than a few of them consider the First Couple prey.

Now known as Adam and Eve we watch as they struggle to build a home and then eventually a family. An old enemy stalks them. He had counted upon The Father’s decree that Adam and Eve would die should they eat the Fruit. He never considered that the punishment would not be immediate.

Angered by what he sees as yet another mark of favor from the Father he stalks the couple and their family. Once more he picks someone whose insecurities he can work upon, exacerbating them until Cain submits, and in jealousy kills his brother.

After Cain is banished The Fallen One encourages Cain to build cities and eventually a kingdom. As Cain’s clan grows the souls of his children long for God. “Human will is like water, easily diverted should a less demanding option present itself.” The Fallen One sets up the children of the Fallen Angels and the daughters of Cain as a Pantheon of Gods. Thus the Nephilum are born.

An ancient war rages with humans caught in the cross fire. They are used as collateral damage to inflict pain upon the Father. The one that banished them all.

They are simply a family trying to overcome the horrors of war and the loss of a child.  In and amongst all of this is the story of a love that echoes through the time. The very first love story.

This is the story of the beginning from the beginning.

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