“Dragon Tea”

“Dragon Tea”


The Dragon’s Roost Inn, set in upstate New York, isn’t what it seems. Like everything else in this paranormal romance novel, the bed and breakfast establishment appears to be a charming, old fashioned hostel but once through its front door, mysteries await. Primary among them is the ever-present dragon tea pot which always seems to have fresh, hot brew available, even though no one ever sees it filled with tea leaves and boiling water.

When Lori Lawrick needs an escape from a bad relationship, she drives to the Dragon’s Roost, owned and operated by an aunt she barely remembers from childhood. Sensing otherworldly powers at play, Lori’s feelings are confirmed when she meets Byron MacLauchland, an occasional guest at the Inn. Beginning with his esoteric observation, “I was born to make tea,” her rapidly developing affection for him leads Lori into a mysterious realm of frightening and nearly world-shattering proportions.

An exploration through the building and some frank conversation with her aunt reveals a number of startling revelations, not the least of which is that the B&B sits at the nexus of worlds. More shocking yet is hearing the confession that Byron, with whom she is rapidly falling in love, is a dragon in human guise, whose responsibility is to guard the portal from the infiltration of evil.

Sipping tea from the dragon-shaped teapot, Lori pieces together some of the riddles perplexing her and confirms her newly-formed suspicion that Michael, her former boyfriend, is a wizard, intent on assuming control of the Inn. Byron, already aware of Michael’s plan, confronts him in near-mortal combat, becoming grievously wounded in the process. This forces Lori to discover and use witch skills she had no awareness of possessing, including the powerful ability to close portals

As Lori and Bryon ignite their growing love, they must plan how to keep the Inn safe, for if they fail, the coming disaster could have devastating effects.



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