A 5 star JACK GUNN Psycho-Thriller … Was entered in the Amazon Books United Kingdom STORYTELLING CONTEST. A mentally ill blood thirsty woman falls in love with Jack Gunn, so he thinks. She has ambitions to take over her Fathers famous Kamata Inagawa Mafia Clan, using Jack to achieve her goals. Jack discovers the Kamata family has more than one hidden secret that could put his life in danger. Can he save her from herself? Can he save himself from becoming a victim of the Finger Collector?

REVIEW: “This book is well written, characters developed well. The story has a lot of action but, not over the top make believe stuff. As a reader I found that I could imagine this story as something that could happen in real life. I could not predict what was coming up next.”
REVIEW: “I thoroughly enjoyed reading “The Finger Collector – Blood Money” written by Thomas H. Ward. Set within the Japanese criminal underworld, it’s an action packed, violent thriller that is exciting, entertaining and keeps you turning the pages until it’s finished.”
REVIEW: “From the family man we know Jack Gunn as when we first meet him in the Tocabaga series, we are introduced to the earlier years of Jack Gunn, where try as he might not to become an assassin for hire. He fights a moral battle where the lines between legal and illegal, moral and immoral become one. So to understand why Geisha Girls, Yakuza and Sex help blur the lines, you need to read The Finger Collector. Thomas Ward has hit a home run with this one.”

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