Vic/Tim – Book Review

Story-telling is a talent Mike Sims mastered as a young boy, and amazed people around him with his impeccable sense of humour. He worked for professional radio hosts and stage comedians. After that, his unique set of skills attracted Hollywood bigwigs to hire him write for infomercials, and TV commercials. It wasn’t until Vic/Tim that he finally decided to step into the world of publishing.

Vic/Tim is the story of Vicki, who works in the corporate world as a professional executive. She is an intellectual, witty, and potentially deadly. The author compares her to a red rose, on occasion, due to her charming and inviting exterior, only to have hidden thorns that bite when you reach for it. Her defensive nature developed stronger because of the extremely hostile situations life had put her through. Despite the hardships, she never backed down and picked herself up stronger than before.

Her exterior, however beautiful, is quite strong and more than capable of fending for herself. Being intellectually unbeatable only adds to her strengths. In this book, Mike invites the readers to explore the inner workings of Vickie’s life. Her defensiveness will bring her difficulties to make new relationships with others. She’s not just any tough woman. If tampered with, she’s more than proficient to carry out a punishment worth dreading.

Mike’s humorous side seeps through in Vickie’s character in a charismatic manner as she continues to save the deserving and torturing the ones who ask for it. Soon, she realizes that the people she influences along her journey also end up leaving a piece of them in her. Along with the inner workings of Vickie’s life, the author also explores the deepest mechanisms of everyone she meets – it’s an interesting array of various thoughts and personalities.

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