The Front Porch

Having just been dumped by her fiancée for a tall, blond, stacked, bimbo, Alex was not anxious to get involved in another relationship. But, the charming stranger was hard to resist. Not helping her situation was Riley, Alex’s kid sister, who pushed Alex toward this handsome carpenter.

Just when Alex decided this man might be worth a long look, her ex-decided he wanted her back and tried to chase the stranger away. But, Tony Marchetti would not go quietly.

When Tony came up with an outrageous idea, would Alex be able to deal with what was in store for her?


The third book in the Danielle and Friends Series, this story chronicles the romance between Alex Rafferty and Tony Marchetti.

While trying to work her way up the corporate ladder, Alex is thwarted by her ex, Frank. Having dumped Alex for the new girl in the office, Frank decides he wants Alex back after he gets dumped, himself. When Alex refuses, Frank decides to destroy her career and is almost successful, until Tony comes along with an outrageous idea.

Not sure she is capable of what Tony proposes, Alex puts her fate in Tony’s hands, and when the deal goes through, Alex also decides she wants more from Tony. A lifetime of more.

Riley’s part in this story inspired me to do an entirely new series based on her. Murder One, the first book in the new series, The Adventures of Riley will be available shortly.

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