The Girl Who Stole the Hutchinson Letters

After losing her parents, and nearly dying with them in a suspicious accident, Sarah Carrington crosses the Atlantic to America on the eve of the American Revolution. She changes her identity, and hopes to put the past behind her and start a new life as a governess for a prominent Connecticut family.   But that past follows her across the ocean, and she struggles to hide the secret of her involvement in the theft of the famous “Hutchinson Letters,” an act that turned American colonists against the crown and inspired revolution. If her part is discovered, it could lead to her being forced to return to England to face imprisonment or execution. One man, an infamous mercenary, makes it his mission to discover Sarah and make her pay for her treason to the Crown, hoping her arrest will allow him to return to the good graces of King George III and the British army. Unable to stay out of the brewing conflicts as she had initially wished, she connects with prominent players in America’s beginnings, including Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin, finds her first love with Nathan Hale, and discovers her strengths, talents, and realizes her true commitment to the pursuit of liberty.

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