A Taste of Fire

Five years ago I had nothing. No name, no memories. Just the scars that lay waste to my back, and a diagnosis of amnesia that no one could explain. I’ve spent five years working to be normal. Trying hard to salvage the shell of myself, enjoying being caught in the mundane cycle of work and sleep. Until a man with a knife tried to change all that. I was almost another victim cut up in an alleyway. I was almost one more nameless girl to find a violent end, another sentence flashed across the bottom of news screen. Nothing once more. But Jonah saved me. Jonah the unbelievably hot Chicago Playboy, showed me that I’m much more than I ever imagined. Now I’m hooked, his voice is hypnotic, his touch is addictive, and something about him pulls my deepest memories to the surface. Memories that I know I shouldn’t have. Memories so distant they date back not years but centuries. I know that Jonah is more than the millionaire playboy he’s pretending to be, he’s a vampire and I know that I am more than an average girl, I am his Queen. My name is Zara and I have lived a thousand lives. My blood is ancient and bonded with fire. It’s the aphrodisiac of the underworld and everyone’s dying for a taste.

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